Walker Hearing Clinic Cork

Walker Hearing Clinic was established by Graham and Amy Walker in 2016. Graham had qualified in Hearing Aid Audiology and subsequently Healthcare Science with a major in Audiology in Aston University Birmingham. Amy earned her MSc in Finance from University College Cork and held various financial and commercial roles in industry. 

Having worked in both the public and private audiology sectors in Ireland, Graham knew that patients in the public sector received excellent clinical care. He knew that patients in the private sector had access to the best hearing aids. With a shared passion for helping people and providing a clinical service that patients could trust, Graham and Amy established Walker Hearing Clinic where now, they and their team run an expert led, state of the art, purpose built audiology clinic.


Making Hearing More Accessible

"It seemed to us at the time that patients really needed to make a choice when it came to hearing care"

“Did they go to the qualified professionals in the public sector and sacrifice hearing aid technology or did they go the high street hearing aid providers and pay a high price for hearing aids and sacrifice the clinical care? We wanted to provide patients with the option to be seen by a qualified professional, get a great service and be prescribed with the best possible hearing aids for your hearing loss without the extortionate price tag. We also wanted to provide local GPs and Ear Nose and Throat Consultants with a referral option they could trust. We have since established very strong relationships with the local GPs and ENTs and they refer to us on a continued basis.”

Walker Hearing Clinic operates from the Consultants Private Clinic on the grounds of Cork University Hospital. We also have clinics in Bandon Medical Centre and Mellericks Pharmacy Fermoy

We offer a full range of hearing services, hearing aids and hearing products including diagnostic hearing tests, hearing screening, ear wax removal (via endoscopic micro suction) and hearing protection products. Patients receive expert, independent advice, avail of the most up to date hearing aids and are treated in a place where only the highest standards of audiological care are met. Unlike most (if not all) of the other hearing aid companies in Cork, we have no supply agreements with any of the hearing aid manufacturers so we are totally free to supply the best and most up to date hearing aids.

Unfortunately, the hearing aid industry in Ireland is not regulated like it is in other countries. In fact, anyone can sell a hearing aid. It is so important that patients do their due diligence before purchasing hearing aids privately as they are expensive. By checking websites like ISHAA and the IAA and ensuring your Audiologist is a qualified professional before your hearing test, you can mitigate the risk. You can also ask your ENT or GP for a referral to a provider they trust.