Choosing your Hearing Aid

There are six main or “top” manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. These are: 

  • Sonova (Phonak and Unitron hearing aids)
  • GN Resound
  • Sivantos (Signia hearing aids) 
  • William Demant (Oticon hearing aids)
  • Starkey 
  • Widex.

Walker Hearing Clinic is a totally independent hearing aid provider. Unlike most other hearing aid providers in Ireland, we are not wholly or partially owned, tied to or in any kind of supply agreement with any one manufacturer. This is done purposefully to ensure that we are free to supply the best, latest and newest technology to our patients. 

For that reason, we currently choose to supply Phonak hearing aids. Phonak are currently the number one manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide and were the first to launch rechargeable hearing aids with direct connectively. If for whatever reason you have a preference for another manufacturer, of course we supply these also. 

A guide to some of the Phonak hearing aid models we supply is below:

Phonak Audeo Paradise
hearing aids

  • A rechargeable RIC hearing aid
  • Very reliable
  • Suitable for most types of hearing loss
  • Brilliant speech understanding
  • Personalised noise cancelling
  • Connects to your phone and TV
  • Controlled via smart apps

Phonak Bolero Marvel
hearing aids

  • A rechargeable BTE hearing aid
  • Very reliable
  • Suitable for all types of hearing loss
  • Connects to your phone and TV

Phonak Virto M-Titanium
hearing aids

  • Custom made “In the Ear” hearing aid
  • Made from titanium and is incredibly strong and durable
  • Extremely discreet

Cros B-R
hearing aids

  • A BTE rechargeable, wireless CROS hearing aid device that rehabilitates patients with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD)
  • Rechargeable option so you can enjoy a full day of hearing from both sides, with no battery hassles.
  • Features binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for excellent speech understanding in noise.
  • Very reliable product

Naida Paradise
hearing aids

  • Battery powered (very powerful) BTE hearing aid for patients with severe to profound hearing loss
  • Very reliable
  • Provides direct connectivity to multiple Bluetooth® devices with universal connectivity
  • Comes with a smart app

Vitus +
hearing aids

  • Our free hearing aid for patients who wish to use their PRSI grant only
  • A great solution for anyone who has been a while on the HSE hearing aid waiting lists
  • Available in a BTE, RIC or an ITE
  • Battery operated (not available in a rechargeable)
  • Very reliable
  • Suitable for most hearing loss types


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