Financing Your Hearing Aid

When you have a hearing loss that is suitable for rehabilitation via a hearing aid you have a choice to make. Should you be seen privately or publicly?

The Private System

Once you decide to be seen privately you must ensure that you are seen by a qualified, reputable Audiologist. Hearing aids are expensive – Caveat Emperor. You can ask your GP or ENT to recommend an Audiologist, you can ask your friends and of course you can do your own due diligence online. 

The main differences between the public and private systems in Ireland are the quality of the hearing aids provided and the aftercare service. The hearing aids you buy privately from Walker Hearing Clinic are of a superior quality and of course, aesthetically, they look much better. The HSE give you one option and that’s a Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid. They do not have the technology that our hearing aids have. 

Free Hearing Aids Supplied by Walker Hearing Clinic 

In April 2021, The Minister for Social Protection, announced changes to the grants available towards the purchase of hearing aids. As part of measures announced in Budget 2021, a flat rate grant of up to €500 is now available towards a hearing aid, while a grant of up to €1,000 is available for a pair. This means that hearing aids available from our Phonak Vitus range are completely free to patients who use their grant contributions towards the cost of €1,000. This is a fantastic option for anyone who has been on the HSE waiting list for a while and who really needs a hearing aid. Please contact our clinic for more information.

The Public System

If you choose to be seen publicly you must request a referral to the HSE Audiology service through your GP. You are then put on a waiting list. When you have reached the top of the list the HSE Audiologist will assess your hearing and put you on another waiting list for hearing aids. These hearing aids are free for medical card holders and children. If you do not have a medical card and you require hearing aids you must be seen privately.


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