Post your hearing test, if you decide to proceed with hearing aids, a follow up appointment is scheduled for you to be “fitted”. 

During this appointment, your hearing aid will be programmed uniquely & specifically to your hearing loss. This is where a skilled Audiologist is particularly important as “fitting” and programming hearing aids is a fine art.

We use Real Ear Measurement (REMs) in our CPC Clinic to fit our hearing aids. This is the most reliable and efficient method for “fitting” your hearing aid, i.e. assessing the benefit provided by the amplification.

Finally, you are given detailed instructions on how to use, insert, remove, clean and generally look after your hearing aid to ensure longevity.

Hearing aids require periodic maintenance and adjustments throughout their lifespan. A check-up is scheduled for you one week after you have been fitted with your hearing aids to ensure that you are 100% happy. You are provided with a hearing aid after care service as part of your patient journey with Walker Hearing Clinic. Any check-ups you require post the one week check-up are included in the cost of your hearing aids.


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