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Hearing Aids At
Walker Hearing Clinic

Hearing aids are a life changing rehabilitation solution for millions of people around the world. The success of a hearing aid is dependent upon the expertise of the clinician, the quality of the hearing aid itself and the attitude of the patient.

At Walker Hearing Clinic your hearing will be tested by a Clinical Audiologist and a recommendation regarding hearing aids will be made to you. You will be offered the most modern and up to date technology at an affordable, competitive price.

Your hearing aid care package will be custom made to suit your hearing loss, your lifestyle & your budget. If you purchase hearing aids you will always be seen by the same Clinical Audiologist who knows you and your history.

Frequently Asked

How do I know if I need a hearing aid?

Turning the volume up on the TV/your phone, struggling to keep up with conversations, brain drain, can all be signs that you might need a hearing aid. For more on this read our in-depth blog post on signs you might need a hearing aid.


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