Hearing Protection

Prevention is always better than cure. Hearing loss can sometimes be unavoidable for reasons due to genetics, age, ototoxic medication and others but there are steps you can take to mitigate your risk of developing a hearing loss.

This is especially true for anyone exposing themselves to loud noise, whether than be for work, sport or music.

Sound is measured in decibel of dB. The Centres for Disease Control & Prevention explain that a whisper is about 30dB. A motorbike running is around 95dB. Noise over 70dB over a prolonged period of time may start to damage your hearing. Very loud noise above 120dB can cause immediate damage to damage to your hearing.

At Walker Hearing Clinic, we have a range of custom made hearing protection for patients who find themselves in situations where they are exposed to noise above safe listening levels and who should therefore be protecting their hearing. We also have swimming moulds available for children and adults. These are great for anyone who loves the water but suffers from recurrent ear infections or other ear issues. 

Our custom made hearing protection and “Cens” products come in electronic and non-electronic options. It is supplied by UK based company Puretone. 

A list of products available in this range is outlined below:

CENS Hearing Protection

Swimming Ear Plugs

Puretone Musicians Plugs

Puretone Sleepzz Ear Plugs

Prices vary and are available upon request. Please email info@walkerhearingclinic.ie for more information.


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