Types of Hearing Aids

With the help of our Audiologist, you will make an informed decision on which type of hearing aid to choose and from there, you pick which manufacture and model.

If, post testing you are diagnosed with a hearing loss that is suitable for rehabilitation via hearing aids, there are a number of options available to you. 

There are three main types of hearing aids. 

  • In the Ear hearing aids (ITEs) These are custom made hearing aids 
  • Receiver in Canal hearing aids (RICs)
  • Behind the Ear hearing aids (BTEs)

The explanations, advantages, disadvantages and images of these are below. The most important consideration when choosing a hearing aid is what type of hearing aid is best for my particular type and severity of hearing loss?

  • Most of our patients come to us with the knowledge they have a hearing loss and that they need a hearing aid however they have no idea what kind of hearing loss they have. 
  • Being aware of your hearing loss type and severity is crucial when selecting the right hearing aid for you. 
  • The patients that end up very satisfied with their hearing aids are the patients that select the best hearing aid for their hearing loss. 
  • We will advise you on what kind of hearing loss you have and which hearing aid package you should choose. 
  • Every hearing aid we provide is discreet and pretty much invisible unless you are looking for it. So, when selecting the type of hearing aid you want, use the guide below:

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